Your Global Air Cargo Gateway

The Ideal Location

Gateway to the World

GSP is located on the commerce-rich Interstate 85 corridor between Atlanta and Charlotte and is convenient to other southern cities such as Charleston, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Savannah. GSP and Cerulean provide customers with easy shipping access throughout the region.



By the Numbers

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Avoid Delays

Beat the Congestion of Other Airports

We know time matters when it comes to air cargo. At GSP, we pride ourselves on being able to reduce on-airport dwell time, allowing your cargo to reach its destination quicker and more efficiently than other gateway airports in the Southeast. With ample airfield and airspace capacity, we can process your cargo in hours instead of days! 

Our staff is dedicated to processing your cargo and getting it on the road as quickly as possible, providing a seamless transition to you and your customers. 

Your Proven Partner

Plans for future expansion will establish GSP and Cerulean Aviation as one of the most robust air cargo facilities in the nation.