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For an industry known for what takes place in the sky, success in air cargo is defined by what takes place on the ground. To seamlessly move your customers' time-sensitive shipments, you need a holistic airport solution that offers location, capacity, efficiency and performance.

The Capacity You Need

Unlike many of the traditional gateway airports, GSP enjoys an abundance of airspace and airfield capacity. We offer short taxi times and uncongested arrival and departure patterns.

Our air cargo facility has recently been expanded to accommodate six Boeing 747 aircraft simultaneously.

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The Efficiency You Want

Since Cerulean provides both ramp and warehouse services, the responsibility for an efficient airport experience isn't passed off to the "other" ground service provider. Through close coordination with on-site Customs and Border Protection, Cerulean is often able to reduce cargo on-airport times to levels not possible at larger gateway airports.

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Service Request Form

1Request Type
2Flight Information
3Services & Amenities
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Pallets of cargo inside a warehouse at GSP Airport
Man loading cargo containers onto a tug at Cerulean Aviation


Cerulean has serviced thousands of scheduled, non-scheduled, and emergency air cargo operations in support of OEMs and Tier Suppliers worldwide. Carriers need an effective airport solution to meet shipper air cargo requirements. Cerulean's proven performance and efficiency, along with its location and capacity at GSP International Airport provide a robust, effective airport solution for air cargo carriers.

Cargo Services

Cerulean's air cargo services include on-airfield warehouse facilities, build-up and break-down of cargo, BUP transfer, bulk and containerized aircraft loading and unloading, on-call charter cargo handling, on-site customs clearance, and aircraft refueling. No matter what cargo you are moving, we can help.

  • Buildup and Breakdown of Cargo
  • Palletized and Non-palletized Load Handling
  • Truck Loading and un-loading
  • Truck Docks
  • CFS/Warehouse Storage
  • US Customs &​​​​​​ ​Immigration Clearance
  • Dangerous Good and other special cargo handling
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